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"Unquestionably, Jeanne gave me the best massage session I have ever had. The energy-healing component takes the whole experience to the next level. Using her unique spiritual skills, she helps uncover chakra imbalances & provides simple solutions to realign & heal your inner self. At the end, I not only felt physically & spiritually rejuvenated, but I left with an understanding of what I need to do going forward to keep my body & spirit aligned.

Thank you, Jeanne!"  

- Brook Deschenes, Kelowna, BC

"I met Jeanne through a friend that talked very highly of her.  I was from the coast and had experience with energy healers/reiki/massage experts.   10 minutes into my first session with Jeanne, I knew I had found someone special. So much more than expected and she got to the very core of a personal issue that I didn't even realize I was carrying around not only by way of pain in my body but also by way of my ability to heal and let go of past personal drama.

Many unexpected tears and insights left me feeling a weight had been lifted off my soul and has allowed me to be more open to forgiveness and living my life with more compassion and understanding which ultimately is so freeing in so many ways.

I am very grateful to Jeanne and I would recommend her to any one any time any day.....There is nothing better than giving yourself the gift of self-care and self-love and I did that through Jeanne.  Thank you. I think you are amazing."

- Stella, West Kelowna, BC


"I received a Reiki Healing from Jeanne in early April 2014 and I want to share my story as it is a miracle to me! In November of 2010, I became very ill with a sinus infection and head cold. Unfortunately, after months passed my right ear was never 100%. Not only did I have hearing loss, but a constant pain as well. I do not like to regularly take Tylenol or any other from of pain relief, so I learned to live with the discomfort. After talking with Jeanne and learning the natural services she provides; I thought, 'what can I lose?' I saw Jeanne for about an hour one evening; as I relaxed in her beautiful healing room, Jeanne did her thing. The very next day I couldn't believe and I still to this day can't believe, the pain of over 3 years is gone. For over 4 months I have been pain free. I actually didn't want to tell anyone or talk about it because I just couldn't believe it, I didn't want to jinx my luck! Before my appointment I wasn't really convinced on Reiki Healing. But now I am a true believer. Thank you Jeanne!"  

-Haley Miles, Business Manager, Kelowna, BC  

"The first treatment I received from Jeanne was Reiki Massage.  As a generally tense person, with a lot of anxiety, I was not expecting to get fully comfortable and at ease during the massage.  However, the peaceful and serene setting of Jeanne's home studio does just that. The massage itself was so incredibly relaxing I surprised myself by falling asleep in the midst of the treatment.  At the end of the treatment, Jeanne performed Reiki Energy Healing which was totally new to me.  I was surprised to see many different shades of colour as she moved over different Chakras on my body.  

When Jeanne offered me a distance Energy healing a few months later, I was immediately interested.  In the comfort of my own home, I received the instructions via email to receive the healing that she had sent me.  There was detailed information about each of the seven Chakras, and how mine where affected. She had indicated that my Crown Chakra was blocked. As I lay there receiving the healing, I was expecting to see colors like I had with the first treatment at her home.  I did not see any colors this time.  I felt very relaxed, and unconsciously developed a deep, heavy breathing pattern.  It felt as though with every intake of breathe I was receiving fresh, renewed energy, and every breath out was exerting all the mental clutter and stress that builds up within us over time.  I started to feel a gentle tugging motion on head, almost as if there were a plunger on my head.  Jeanne later explained to me that would indicate the sensation of the Crown Chakra opening up. What I liked about that treatment was the fact that I had a different experience than I had with my first treatment.  I now know that every treatment can be a completely different experience from the last, and to go into each treatment with an open mind. That night, I had the most amazing, peaceful sleep that I had had in ages.  I awoke with a sense of immense clarity.  I felt empowered in every part of my being- ready to take on the day.  Ready to take on the world.  Life is becoming increasingly fast paced for us all.  There are so many expectations upon us to accomplish so much and we begin to wear ourselves thin.  It is so important to take time for yourself to reconnect, to regenerate and let the mind and, in turn, the body heal."  

-  Jenna Skogland - Business owner, Kelowna, BC


"Jeanne's intuitive accupressure, massage and Shiatsu treatments have bay far given me more relief from relentless and debilitating pain from fibromyalgia than anything I've tried in over 25 years.  After suffering from shoulder / scapula pain for a week, one massage treatment and her healing flow of energy with gentle hand positions greatly eased my pain.   It was the catalyst I needed that helped my shoulder to recuperate.  Her Reiki treatments bring instant deep relaxation which lead (for me anyway) to vibrant, colourful, and amazing visions.  I leave feeling very euphoric with a deep inner peace that I carry with me for days.  Jeanne is a gifted and loving, gentle healer and I would highly recommend her services. She will amaze you."   

-Janice Sich, Artist - Kelowna, BC

"The first minute I walked into Jeanne's Healing Room at her Home Studio, I knew I would be in good hands. The room is not only calming but the smell of essential oils alone will make you feel at ease.  I have never had a hot stone massage so like any person who hasn't, I was a little bit skeptic. That all got thrown out the window the minute the first stone was placed on my back. The combination of the massage oil and the hot stones were so soothing and relaxing. I constantly suffer from back and neck tension but after the 90 minute treatment I felt like I left floating on air (it was hard to stay awake at times).  At the end of the treatment, Jeanne performed Energy Healing on me, which I had never had done. We discussed what I was feeling before the treatment began and she concluded what could restore my overall mind, body and soul.  I can not explain it but having the crystals on me and Jeanne's magical touch of healing, my brain completely shut off. I am an over thinker and even during the massage I was doing it. But as soon as the Energy Healing started, it was as if she flipped a switch. At that point I was fast asleep! The stress and tension I felt before I walked in her Studio was completely gone! There is something to be said about energy healing. I now get distance healing from Jeanne and it has helped with so many aspects of being an actor in Los Angeles. All I can say is that Jeanne has a natural touch and she will amaze you! "  -  Meghan Lees, Actress - Los Angeles

"I had been experiencing severe backaches in the last trimester of my pregnancy and had a very difficult time getting quality sleep, so I decided to set up a series of distance healing sessions with Jeanne to try to alleviate some of the pain.  During the first healing, I didn't feel a noticable sensation besides being very relaxed - but later that evening I had the best sleep in months, and when I woke up my back pain was completely gone! I felt great, had more energy and I was able to get better rest after the distance healings.  The effects lasted for the rest of my pregnancy. Receiving the energy healings from Jeanne really made a difference in the way I felt and I will definitely be using them again!" -  Mary Mckenna, Canadian Navy, Halifax, NS

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